Alton Olsen (Luther Manor)

“I was a business owner since 1975. My independence is important to me. I can maintain my independence here and still be happy to be a part of this community.”

Betty Hoffman (Luther Manor)

“I’ve been here four years. I enjoy it very much, its comfortable, its home to me! I can eat what and where I want to. They have entertainment and if I want to go, I can. I have my walking club. It’s important to me to get my walking and exercise in. It’s very, very clean here. It feels like home.”

Joseph Bauer (Luther Manor)

“I have my privacy and my community here. We have good meals and great friends that laugh together! They have wonderful caregivers here, I call them my angels. The staff is excellent and I really am being taken care of!”

Jane Jones Sturmer (Luther Home)

“My Mother used physical and occupational therapy services at Luther Home. Due to these services, she’s enjoying her independence again. The staff was kind helpful and caring. Staff meetings kept us to date with my mother’s continued progress. The Luther Home is convenient, close to home, and close to our hearts.”