Northland Lutheran Retirement Community’s Lifeline Personal Response System allows individuals to feel safe while maintaining their independence at home. The personal response system is a method of getting assistance to you in an emergency situation. When you are faced with an emergent situation such as a fall, your emergency call is sent to Northland with a push of a button. You can choose to wear your personal device around your neck or wrist and can be easily tucked away in order to keep it concealed.

life-lineAfter your emergency call is placed, it is entered into the Lifeline computer, in which staff will try to reach you by phone. If unreachable by phone, they will contact the persons you have designated to go to your home or apartment.

This service operates day and night and can be used anywhere in the Marinette and Menominee County Areas.

A built in timer can be used that will cause the unit to call for help by itself if not reset. This is an extra safety feature. In addition you can answer your telephone with a push of a button as well. This is helpful if your telephone is out of reach and someone is trying to call you.

Northland Lutheran has been offering Lifeline services since 1983. It is a non-profit service subsidized by gifts and contributions.

What does Lifeline Cost?

The monthly service charge is $37.00 plus tax. This fee covers part of the cost of the equipment replacement, service to your equipment and the monitoring of your calls 24 hours per day/ 7 days a week.

There is also a $15.00 installation fee.

Lifeline allows you the secure knowledge that someone will always be available to help in case of an emergency.

For more information or to set up your Lifeline today Call 715-732-0155